Chris Christie Nabs Foul Ball At Mets Game, And No One Celebrates

Chris Christie wants to enjoy his summer. America wont let him.

The New Jersey governor and devoted fan of the New York Mets was watching the Mets play the St. Louis Cardinalson Tuesday night when he caught a foul ball from the third row at Citi Field.

The catch a barehanded left-hand catch he made while seated was impressive. But instead of cheers, the crowd reacted to the Republicans luck with moans and loud boos, according to reports.

No one seemed to notice or care that he gave the ball to a child sitting a couple of rows behind him. Even the game announcers seemed peeved about Christies catch.

Nice to see him get from the beach to the ballpark, Cardinals broadcaster Dan McLaughlinquipped on the telecast.

Christie is one of the least popular governors in New Jersey history, with polls showing that he has a 15 percent approval rating.

It didnt help that the governor was recently photographed relaxing on an empty beach in New Jersey that he had ordered closed to the public amid a state government shutdown during the Fourth of July weekend. The beach included a governors residence in Island Beach State Park.

When asked by reporters July 1 about his beach getaway, Christie replied, Run for governor, and you can have a residence there, according to NJ Advance Media.

In an interview with MSNBC on the same day as the Mets vs.Cardinals game, the governor said of his unsavory reputation, I do care how Im perceived, but Im not going to sacrifice my family for public perception, adding, I had to make a choice between political optics and my family. When I have to make a choice between the two, I have never made anything clearer to the people of New Jersey Im picking my family.

Lets just hope that Christie is making some good memories this summer, because a lot of people wont let him forget the bad ones.

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