She Wasn’t Having Any Part Of The Pool…Until She Found This Hilarious Solution

Some breeds of dogs absolutely love being in the water. Others, like this tiny pup, don’t feel the same way.

Sadie the Yorkshire Terrier definitely isn’t a big fan of swimming, as evidenced by her hesitation to jump into her owner Cat Hursh’s pool alongside Hursh’s other dog, Riley. But just because Sadie doesn’t want to get wet doesn’t mean that she won’t get in the pool at all. In fact, she makes it across the water just fine thanks to her brilliantly creative solution.

Hursh recently recorded the Yorkie’s clever maneuver, and it’s surprisingly impressive. When Riley got into the water and started swimming…

…Sadie launched herself off the edge and landed perfectly on the black Lab’s back!

Watch as Sadie enjoys a ride across the pool in style below.

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