Star Wars: The Last Jedi What The Critics Are Saying (SPOILER-FREE)!

Um, unless you didn’t know there were lightsaber battles in the film. There are lightsaber battles. Spoiler alert.

So is this one on the light or dark side of the force? Ch-ch-check out what critics are saying (below):

Matt Goldberg, Collider: “Although the movie suffers from a few pacing issues, they ultimately don’t detract from the film’s stunning craft and confident storytelling.”

Katie Walsh, Tribune News Service: “It’s the blend of reverence for its roots and embrace of the new that makes The Last Jedi a triumph.”

Mark Hughes, Forbes: “not the best of the series, and not the best of the new films, but it’s still a worthwhile entry in the continuing saga…”

Richard Brody, New Yorker: “The movie comes off as a work that’s ironed out, flattened down, appallingly purified.”

Dave Schilling, BirthMoviesDeath: “Yes, The Last Jedi is a bleak film—a necessary comedown course correction after the giddiness of The Force Awakens. Without a doubt, this is the most depressing Star Wars movie yet. It’s content to be long and sad when it’s not thrilling.

Nell Minow, Huffington Post: “A stunning black, white, and red color pallette, thrilling adventure, appealing new characters, worthy developments for old friends and a cause to root for.”

Sam Adams, Slate: “It’s a film of genuine beauty, one where you come away as eager to talk about the set design and the choreography as you do the fate of the galaxy or what might happen next.”

Cary Darling, Houston Chronicle: “The Last Jedi may not possess its immediate predecessors’ pleasant shock of the new, nor is it a stylistic detour from what’s expected. But it makes up for this with wit, spirit and one wicked saber smackdown.”

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