These Pizza-Inspired Running Shoes Will Make You Crave A Post-Workout Slice

For those of us who are equal parts foodie and fitness-lover, having the proper workout attire is.

You know, things like a gym bag that states the hungry truth andrunning shoes that look like a slice of greasy pepperoni pizza. The essentials.

You might be thinking, Those beautiful, fashionable, and foodie-friendly shoes exist.

But yes, dear reader, they freaking exist all thanks to a collaborationbetween Adidas and Refinery29.

For the cool collab, Adidas and Refinery29 commissioned 10 femaleartists to create unique designs inspired bythe 50 states on plain white Adidas UltraBOOST X sneakers.

Using sand, acrylic paint, thread, beading, clay, faux flowers, and more, each artist outdid themselves, Refinery29 said in its post announcing the collection.

Wisconsin’s arecheese-inspired, Georgia’s are peachy, and New Jersey’s arethose coveted slices of pizza pie.

Designed by Jen Mussari, the Garden State’s crave-worthy shoes are fully loaded with everything that makes pizza so wonderful.

Theirbase is painted a pale yellow hue (to represent a perfectly baked crust) and accented with red and white swirls that look melty cheese and hints of sauce.

Red laces and hand-sewn pepperonis give them an ultra-realistic appeal, butif that’s not enough detail to send you into a pizza-ordering frenzy, the side panels are also pizza slices.

I cannot handle the pizza-ception.

Because of the hand-crafted nature of the designs, only one pair of Adidas UltraBOOST X per state was created, which sadly means that Jen’s genius shoes areone-of-a-kind.

Unfortunately, all 50 pairs including the pizzas have already been sold to the highest bidder in a now-complete auction on Adidas’s website.

Though my pepperoni-obsessed heart is broken, the good news is that all proceeds from the auction went to Women Win, a charity on a mission to equip adolescent girls to exercise their rights through sport.

Should you still be interested in getting your feet into a regular pair of Adidas UltraBOOST X, they retail for $180 and are available in six colors.

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