Wife Tricks Husband into Coming to a PhotoshootThen He Finds Out Why Hes Really There

Chelsie Morales has always loved surprising people. So when she found out she was pregnant, it was a dream come true to surprise her husband, Will, with the news!

Kara Quinn Photography

She recruited the help of photographer, Kara Quinn to do a couples session, that Will was under the impression they had “won.”

“I even put together a fake email congratulating them on their win so he had no reason to think anything different!” Kara said.

But in reality, it was all part of Chelsie’s master plan.

“I asked them to write three qualities they admire about each other on the chalk boards,” Kara writes on Facebook. She admits that behind the lens, she was a “nervous mess,” but Will loved the idea and was excited to partake.

Kara Quinn Photography

Little did he know, Chelsie wasn’t following the directions.

“The announcement was all Chelsie’s idea,” Kara said. “Together, we orchestrated the entire shoot down to the minute she was able to reveal the news.”

Kara Quinn Photography

Will went first and showed Chelsie the three words he chose to describe her. Then Chelsie showed Will her “three words,” and the look on his face says it ALL!

Kara Quinn Photography

“He was looking for three words that described him best but what he read was ‘You’re going to be a daddy.’” 

Kara says she loved being a part of this “incredible” moment. “Tears were flowing and hugs were being shared.”

Baby Morales is expected to make a grand entrance in February of 2018.

Kara Quinn Photography

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