You probably can imagine what Sean Spicer thought about his portrayal on ‘SNL’


Now that Sean Spicer has resignedas Donald Trumps press secretary, hes free to talk about his true feelings regarding Saturday Night Liveand Melissa McCarthysconstant portrayal of him last season.

Spicers review: Eh, he didnt love it so much.

I think there are a couple parts of it that were funny, Spicer told Fox News Sean Hannity on Friday. But there was a lot of it that was over the line and it wasnt funny.

Plenty of people, though, did enjoy McCarthys impersonation, which is probably why she kept returning to the show. Along the way, she introduced a motorized podium, showed us Spicer dressed as the Easter Bunny, and displayed Spicers emotional side.

Though Spicer admitted to Hannity that hes a prankster, that he enjoys a good joke, and that he can laugh at himself, he thought SNL was a little too mean.

It was stupid or silly or malicious, he said. But there are some skits that Ive seen on late night television that I had to crack up at. Sometimes it can be funny. Some of the memes, you have to laugh at yourself. But there are sometimes when it goes from funny to mean.

Heres the entire exchange between Spicer and Hannity.

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