Why Do Meghan Markles Siblings Want to Ruin Her Wedding?

It seems inconceivable that a princess-to-be such as Meghan Markle would not be familiar with the story of Sleeping Beauty.

Enraged at not being invited to the christening of the kings daughter, a bad fairy wreaks a terrible revenge by casting a spell that condemns the kings beloved child to fall asleep forever upon reaching adulthood.

So why on earth didnt Meghan just hold her nose and invite the bad fairiesor in this case the jealous siblingsto her wedding, and be done with it?

Instead, Meghan chose to exclude them from the guest list for her wedding to Prince Harry next month.

The move appears to have dramatically backfired, with two siblings now trashing her in the media on an almost daily basis.

While Meghans half-sister, Samantha Grant, has little credibility, having been disowned by her own mother and having blatantly sought to cash in on her siblings fame the moment the engagement was announced by saying she would be penning a book entitled The Diary of Princess Pushys Sister (now, apparently, changed to the less confrontational A Tale of Two Sisters), the decision of her brother, Thomas Markle Jr., to give an interview slamming his sister is a more worrying development.

Markle Jr., in an interview with the historically anti-royal Daily Mirror, said that Meghans refusal to invite them has torn my entire family apart Meg likes to portray herself as a humanitarian, a peoples person and a charitable person but she is none of those things to her family.

She is giving the greatest performance of her life. She is acting phoney. Once she got into Hollywood she turned into a different person. Shes clearly forgotten her roots and her family.

Maybe the normal American family she has is embarrassing to her because were not producers and executive producers.

Thomas Markles outburst has done little to flatter him. His previous history with the law notwithstandinghe was arrested last year for allegedly holding a gun to his girlfriends head in a drunken ragehis jealous and ungracious airing of grievances shows exactly why Meghan wants him as far away from Windsor Castle as possible on May 19.

Its now perhaps easier to understand why Harry said of his and Meghans Christmas at the queens country estate, Sandringham, that it was, for her, like experiencing the family she has never had.

But Tom Markles story is generating coverage, as are his sisters aggressive tweets. Samantha posted this week, saying: Its time to man up @HRHHenryWindsor. Shout outs about humanitarianism, dont work when you are allowing Meg to ignore the Markles. It is s [sic] contradiction.

The argument cuts some ice among those who generally hate the royals already or have, for whatever reason, taken a dislike to Meghan.

As Samantha Grant has previously said, why invite hundreds of complete strangers to your wedding and not your family?

The answer may be the quite reasonable that you are not close, but the decision not to invite Samantha and Tom Jr. may turn out to be a strategic error.

As the writer Christopher Andersen, author of best selling e-book Dianas Boys told The Daily Beast: Even if she cant stand them, well, as the Mafia saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Meghan has been extremely cautious about not making a misstep, and she worries that her loose-cannon relatives will do something to ruin her standing in the eyes of her in-laws.

One cant blame her, but at the same she might have avoided all this negative publicity and incessant speculation by simply inviting them and letting the chips fall where they may.

Its doubtful her siblings would have gone to the press to complain if theyd simply been included.

As for William and Kate, there were plenty of relatives and friends who had generated negative headlines in the pastWilliam and Harrys pal Guy Pelly, Kates uncle Gary Goldsmith, to name a fewbut they were all invited and all behaved themselves.

The royal biographer Penny Junor concurred, telling The Daily Beast: Maybe it would have been safer to have invited them. I think most people would be sympathetic. We all have ghastly relatives lurking somewhere.

The other reason for inviting the troublesome relatives to the wedding would have been that if they had been ensconced inside St Georges Chapel, they would not have been able to be anywhere elsesuch as in the studios or commentary boxes of TV channels, which both now certainly will be.

Tom Markle Jr. may not be the most sympathetic of characters but hell be in demand on the day his sister is the most famous woman in the world, even if its just as a Jerry Springer-esque sideshow exhibit, the flip side of the Princess Meghan fairytale that has captivated America.

The enthusiasm with which platforms have been provided to Tom Markle, 51, and Samantha Grant, 53, by the British press should also provide a warning to Meghan of just how ready the British press will be to switch from their current everything-she-touches-turns-to-gold attitude to portraying her in a much more negative light.

If they can dig up some dirt, it will sell a ton of papers.

And the angry outbursts of her siblings also beg another, troubling questionwhere is Markles dad in all this?

The journalist and writer Andrew Morton has claimed that her dad, Thomas Markle Sr., will be there, writing that the retired lighting director has been going for fittings for his new morning suit.

He has stayed out of the limelight since news of Meghan and Harrys relationship broke, but there is no disputing that Meghan has had a difficult relationship with Thomas.

In one recently unearthed video clip, she was seen, as a teen, saying she had fallen out with him.

Earlier reports that he was going to be walking Meghan down the aisle are no longer being bandied about by journalists with the confidence they once were.

Is he even coming?

The palace did not reply to queries from The Daily Beast on that question.

Lets hope he is.

Because as every student of Grimms Fairy Tales (let alone King Lear) knows, a jealous sibling is one thing, but an irate father is quite another.

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